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About Zeek Yan

Growing up in a small town in south Louisiana, I gained an appreciation for the outdoors. My parents would always tell my siblings and I to go outside to play. Picking up a camera was almost instinctual. I loved being able to capture moments in time. Pictures are able to encapsulate more than the image itself, but the emotion and feelings you had when you took that photo. 

Being able to remember who you were with and what you did that day through an image is a powerful thing. It wasn't until when I started college and got hired at my university to film campus events that things started to take off.  I was lucky enough to mentored by my manager. He taught me how to become a better visual creator and helped me start my freelancing career. 

I'm truly blessed to be able to travel the world doing what I love. Never could have imagined turning a passion into a career.


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